Chad "The Athiest Killa" Elliott is a lying sack of shit, devoid of any intellect, whose ONLY way to gain any self-worth (in his own retarded mind) is to attack Atheists on a daily basis, via his retarded page of retardom - same page, new name (presumably was a bit provocative).

Unable to understand basic physics, this braindead cunt asks his "Golden Question" and claims victory over anybody who doesn't answer it to his own, intellectually limited, satisfaction. Unaware of the myriad of possible answers, including the academically-honest answer: WE DON'T KNOW FOR SURE.

Chad deletes all your comments (so it looks like he's talking to himself) and bans anybody from his Facebook page and YouTube channel. This is purely so he can convince himself and his moronic girlfriend that literally nobody has ever even hinted that he is wrong.

Clearly suffering from a dose of Dunning-Kruger, his Illusory Superiority manifests itself in accordance with Danth's Law. In fact, when he attempted to get his flawed "Elliott Argument" on to RationalWiki, mods there - totally unaware of him previously - immediately recognise this neurosis. And let's not talk about the time this braindead purveyor of bullshit attempted to get published on Wikipedia.

In no way espousing Christian values, it's pretty certain that Jesus hates Chad. Jesus hates Chad for being neither meek nor gracious, for not turning the other cheek, and certainly Jesus hates Chad for not loving his neighbour. Ignoring biblical edicts such as those forbidding piercings and tattoos (to name a few), he happily spouts anti-gay and anti-liberal hate. So no, not a Christian at all.

So there you have it; a lying sack of deluded shit, clinging on to his own ignorant beliefs, whilst in no way following Jesus' example.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Chad "The AK" Elliott. Or "Cunt" as we call him.